Congratulations on making a successful application for a General Grant.

Schoolchildren celebrating after cleaning up the beach in Kapiti


When your project is approved

When your application is approved we send you a letter to explain:

  • any conditions attached to your grant
  • how to accept the grant so the funding can be deposited into your account.

We’ll also include an accountability report so you can report to us when you complete the project. You must return your accountability report within 12 months of receiving a grant.

Contact Kate Hiatt, our Community Engagement & Funding Manager, if:

  • you have any concerns, or
  • there have been major changes to your project.

Email: [email protected]

Acknowledging our support

We can help you to let your community know how your project was funded. Whether it’s our logo, a banner or publicity, we can help get the word out.

Acknowledging your grant

Preparing an accountability report

When you’ve finished your project, you need to report on how it all worked out, including:

  • a summary of your project
  • any lessons you’ve learned along the way
  • how it benefitted the community
  • how you acknowledged our support.

Send in your report at least 1 month before making a new application. If you’re planning to apply for another grant from us, we can’t consider your application until you have sent in a report about your previous funding.

You can email or post your report to us.

Contact us