What is LIFT?

LIFT grants support the professional development and capability of the not-for-profit sector in the wider Wellington region.

Who can apply?

Any staff member of an organisation or an organisation that is eligible for WCT funding under our current eligibility criteria can apply for these funds.  Applicants who have been successful in gaining a General Grant in the same financial year may also apply for a LIFT Grant.

  • Applications must primarily benefit the Wellington region
  • Applicants must have a charitable purpose – this usually means you have either charitable or incorporated society status (if you do not yet have charitable status, or are unsure of your status – please call us to discuss)
How much can you apply for?

Up to $5,000 per individual and up to $10,000 per organisation

For what?

Individuals: Any professional development to assist with the capability building of an individual staff member (or members) within an organisation.  Funding can be used towards a range of capability building activities including (but not limited to):  a tertiary qualification; for a short course; external professional supervision; travel to, and attendance at, a conference; or for travel within NZ or overseas to look at a specific programme or activity that Wellington could benefit from.

Organisations:  Any group professional development activity or capability building activity that an organisation may undertake. Funding could be used towards group training on a specific issue (eg trauma informed practice); group Te Reo classes for an organisation, governance training for an organisation’s board; or for organisation to develop its capability as a whole, for example a workforce development plan or a strategic planning day.

LIFT Grants Funding Guidelines

For individuals applying

  • These grants must be to support individuals within their current workplace and be used to develop them in their current role.
  • Individuals applying must have support of direct line manager and workplace must provide time off (preferably paid) for the individual to undertake the professional development.
  • Funding cannot be used to backfill the staff member who is undertaking the professional development.
  • Funding cannot be used for courses already undertaken.
  • One application per organisation per year, this application, however, can be used to support up to three staff members.
  • Funding can be used to support two or more professional development opportunities for an individual or individuals.
  • Funds will only be paid to legally constituted organisations. 
  • No funds will be paid directly to individuals or to the institutions they will undertake their professional development with.
  • An individual who has applied successfully once, cannot apply again within a 12-month timeframe.

For organisations applying:

  • These grants must be to support organisations to develop their capability at an organisational level.
  • These grants can be used for developing an organisational strategy or response to an issue, for governance development and support or for whole of organisation development through training.
  • These grants can’t be used for mediation, or conflict resolution within an organisation.
  • Organisations can be in receipt of a current WCT general grant and still be eligible for a LIFT Grant.
  • Organisations can only receive one LIFT Grant per year.

WCT does not fund:

  • Retrospectively
  • Central or Local government
  • Commercial ventures
  • Endowments, Capital Funds, and other Trust Funds
  • Core healthcare services, including primary and secondary health services
  • Individuals, including scholarships and organisations that provide individual scholarships
  • Promotion of a religious or political message (We do fund faith-based community services)
  • Schools (including universities, childcare centres & kindergartens) and organisations who fund-raise primarily for schools
  • Medical procedures and treatment (including screening, diagnosis, and vaccination); medical equipment; medical research; professional respite care