Until September 2020 we will be simplifying our granting process by combining our first few rounds of Community Grants, Quick Response, and LIFT grants in this new financial year. This is to keep our grant seeker organisations going now, not for work/events planned for after September 2020. You can still apply for projects that usually sit within one of these funding streams; all applications will go through one simplified application form. Please note however that during this time, the criteria are different to the below. Our key focus is to enable those communities most impacted to get funding more quickly and easily.

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Download a Word document containing the Application Questions

Community Grants Offer:

  • Grants between $10,000 and $50,000
    (we usually grant between $15,000-25,000. If you’re applying for more than this you must speak with our Funding Manager first)
  • Decision usually within 10 weeks

Community Grants Require:

  • A more detailed application
  • Greater reporting obligations

Community Grants support:

  • Organisations that can show connection in, and collaboration, with their communities, across our Three P funding categories – People, Places and Participation.
  • Activities that have been designed in collaboration with target populations
  • Initiatives that have an evidence base to support the approach
  • Work that demonstrates an impact or outcome

Most applicants will have a decision within 10 weeks of applying.

See a list of the kinds of activities/organisations we’ve supported in the past under Community Grants.