We are currently considering what changes we can make to our funding, to support communities to cope with the impact of COVID-19. Please read more here.

Community Grants Offer:

  • Grants between $10,000 and $50,000
    (we usually grant between $15,000-25,000. If you’re applying for more than this you must speak with our Funding Manager first)
  • Decision usually within 10 weeks

Community Grants Require:

  • A more detailed application
  • Greater reporting obligations

Community Grants support:

  • Organisations that can show connection in, and collaboration, with their communities, across our Three P funding categories – People, Places and Participation.
  • Activities that have been designed in collaboration with target populations
  • Initiatives that have an evidence base to support the approach
  • Work that demonstrates an impact or outcome

Most applicants will have a decision within 10 weeks of applying.

See a list of the kinds of activities/organisations we’ve supported in the past under Community Grants.