Please note: it’s unusual for Wellington Community Trust to meet the full cost of your project.

Things We do Not Fund – General

Central or Local government
Commercial ventures (We do fund social enterprise)
Construction or renovation of school halls, gymnasiums, playgrounds, or swimming pools
Contribution to a debt reduction
Core healthcare services, including hospitals and GPs
Council-maintained sports fields
Endowments, capital funds, other trust funds
Feasibility studies or building resource consents
Individuals, including scholarships
Building construction
Operating costs for sports clubs: this includes sport equipment,
coaches’ salaries, uniforms, and prizes/trophies
Overseas travel, either to or from New Zealand (excluding LIFT
Promotion of a religious or political message (We do fund faith-based
community services)
Purchase of buildings
Schools: including universities, child care centres & kindergartens
Single-issue health organisations

Things We Do Not Fund – LIFT

Back-filling a role while a staff member is undertaking professional
Professional development that has already occurred
Individuals/Organisations who have already successfully applied to a
LIFT grant in the past financial year
(For Individuals) LIFT grants are only paid to the workplace that employs the person applying for the grant
Mediation or conflict resolution with an organisation