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If my application is declined can I apply again?

If your needs change after your application is declined, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Can I apply now and then again later in the financial year?

We are unable to confirm this now. Our top priority is to support those communities who are most in need. We also have the following considerations:

  • This fund is not in addition to our usual grants fund, but is a re-purposing of it; this means we have to balance the community needs brought on by the special circumstances, with the other community work we fund year-on-year.
  • We do not know what the community needs will be in 6 months’; The impact of COVID-19 is an evolving situation so we will be checking in with our community regularly to ensure our funding approach is as flexible and responsive to need as possible.
How quickly will I receive the grant if successful?

If up to $10k, a maximum of 4 weeks after you apply. Larger grants will take up to several weeks more to be paid.

Can I Apply for Funding Towards an Event/Conference/Programme (with physical attendance)?

Yes. Our granting for the period April-October 2020 takes in to consideration the possible COVID-19 restrictions set out by the government at all alert levels (1-4). We will be granting applications based on the information we’re able to confirm regarding crowds/gatherings and social distancing.

We ask you to attach a detailed contingency plan that covers sudden cancellation or delays, and includes a discussion about planned repurposing or returning any grants received from WCT.

Can I Apply for Salaries?

Yes. WCT does fund general operating costs.

If your question isn’t answered in the above, please email us.