MY Children is the first round of our MY (multi-year) funding programme. It offers funding for up to 5 years to a small number of organisations who aim to make a positive impact in an area of special need in our community.

father and child 360The areas of focus for 2016 were nurturing families, and healthy, safe homes.

Organisations whose work is aligned to the health and well-being of our most vulnerable children from conception to 5 years of age were able to apply.

Funding rounds in subsequent years may have a different focus, but will still be related to children.

To apply for MY Children, your organisation must meet our overall funding criteria.

What we fund

You must also meet criteria specific to MY funding – these cover how your organisation and your programme are managed.

Your organisation

Your organisation needs to:

  • have been funded in the past by Wellington Community Trust or other funders
  • understand the implications of, and responsibilities associated with receiving multi-year funding
  • have a governance structure that supports the vision of your organisation and its programmes
  • be financially sound – and be able to provide financial statements to support that
  • have the capacity and capability to deliver the programme you are asking us to fund
  • be able to work collaboratively, and be willing to share with others your knowledge and learning about the impact and effectiveness of your work
  • be well connected and regarded in your sector.

Your programme or project

You must:

  • show how your programme aligns with good practice for your sector or programme area
  • have an evaluation process for the programme (or be willing to develop one)
  • be committed to improving the programme through what you learn from your evaluation
  • agree to actively pursue funding to sustain your programme when our funding for it ends.