In carrying out its mission the Trust is seeking to contribute to the health & wellbeing of individuals, whanau, communities and the environment; working towards:

  • Healthy people who are active, contributing citizens to the economic, social, recreational & cultural life of their community.
  • Resilient communities who celebrate their diversity, look out for each other, work to their strengths, and address the challenges they face.
  • Sustainable environments both natural and built, which respect the past & secure the future.

Our key funding areas

For each of these 3 areas we have set some key funding areas:


Capital E in Wellington Photo Stephen A'Court
We support initiatives that grow community engagement through participation in artistic, cultural, recreational & sporting activities. Our priority is work that:

  • Promotes participation in activities that deliver positive benefits by improving peoples physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Facilitates access to, and engagement in the diverse arts and cultural activities of our region.
  • Addresses barriers such as isolation and deprivation that discourage people to participate in physical activities.
  • Focuses on children & their families, youth, isolated elderly, Māori, and Pacifica.


Community wellbeing through the Zeal project
We support initiatives that develop our people and their communities, particularly our most vulnerable. Our priority is work that:

  • Addresses issues such as deprivation, illiteracy, isolation.
  • Empowers people to develop their potential and improve their quality of life.
  • Focuses on children & their families, youth, isolated elderly, Māori, and Pacifica.





We support initiatives that protect & preserve our natural and physical environments. Our priority is work that focuses on:

  • Education and active engagement in the conservation of our natural environments.
  • Promoting and supporting the custodianship of our heritage and natural environments.
  • Preserving the significant history of our region.