We’d like everyone in our region to know about your project and our part in it. We are happy to help you do this where we can.

Our support

The banner stands 2 metres tall and is a colourful addition to any event.

Our banner makes a colourful statement at your event.

Here are some of the ways you can acknowledge our support:

  • on your website, blog or in social media
  • by displaying one of our banners – contact us to request one for use at your event
  • in media releases
  • in your annual report.

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Getting the word out

If you’d like some help with publicising your event or project, we’ll do our best to help. We love to receive photos or links to videos about your project, and can often feature your project on our news pages, in our e-news or on our Facebook page.

Using our logo

When you acknowledge the funding you’ve received from us, you’ll probably want to include our logo.

We’ve prepared guidelines to help you use it properly and effectively. Contact us to request our logo and the guidelines.

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