Our Grant Making

We’ve made a shift towards a more strategic approach to our grant making. Some of the key changes include the introduction of two types of general grants – Quick Response: a quick and simple process for applications $5,000 and under; and Community Grants: larger grants with a more strategic focus. Our funding rounds will happen at different intervals throughout the year for each of these programmes.

New priorities, identified through research by the Centre for Social Impact, will provide the lens through which we make our funding decisions to help us achieve our vision of Active People, Resilient Communities and Sustainable Environments. These are:

Participation – Initiatives that grow community engagement through participation in artistic, cultural, recreational & sporting activities.

People – Initiatives that develop our people and their communities, particularly our most vulnerable.

Places – Initiatives that protect & preserve our natural and physical environments.

We target:

  • Children 0-5
  • Young people
  • Youth at risk 15-24
  • Isolated elderly
  • Māori
  • Pacific
  • High deprivation communities
Our Granting Programmes
Quick response grantsCommunity grantsMulti-year targeted grants
Up to $5,000
5 application rounds per year
Over $5,000
3 application rounds per year
Funding for 5 years for selected applicants aligned to our key target groups and areas.
1 application round per year

Quick response grants

Grants of $5,000 and under. Applications are taken 5 times throughout the year, with approximately a 5-week response time (from the application cut-off date).

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Community grants

Grants of over $5,000. Applications are taken 3 times throughout the year, with an 8-week response time (from the application cut-off date). For grants over $20,000 please first contact our funding manager before applying.

Phone: 04 499 7966
Email: chiara@wct.org.nz

We will be allocating $1.55 million this financial year to groups applying for quick response and community grants.

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MY (multi-year) funding

Our MY programme offers organisations funding for 5 years.

Each round of MY funding identifies a specific need in the community. The funding is allocated to a small group of organisations to run programmes that make a positive impact to fill that need.

To apply, you must meet our overall funding criteria and also criteria specific to MY Children.

For our 2017/18 financial year we will be accepting expressions of interest later in the year. We will update the website with details and announce dates through our eNews and Facebook page.

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Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards

Every year, together with Wellington Airport, we work with our 5 regional councils to recognise the amazing work being done throughout the region by community groups. Winning groups receive a financial reward towards their work, which we fund.

Community Awards

Where our funding comes from

The funding we distribute comes from investments we have built up over the last 30 years. By law it must be distributed to groups active in the Wellington region. The original fund was established from the sale of Trust Bank Wellington.

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